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    Commercial Rooftop Units and Unit Heaters


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Commercial Rooftop Units and Unit Heaters

Our certified professionals at Precision HVAC Mechanics can help meet all your furnace needs from the design all the way up to installation or maintenance. If you are limited on space, a commercial rooftop unit is the right solution for you.  It is important that your HVAC needs are being met in commercial buildings whether it is a shopping mall, office building, restaurants or retail space.

Precision HVAC Mechanics offers you the best services to help you maintain you HVAC systems such as;

  • Design blueprint of A/C, heating or refrigeration
  • Certified installations
  • Maintenance and regular service plans
  • 24-hour on call emergency services

Commercial Rooftop Units:

With our rooftop units we walk you through the entire process from start to finish. This begins with the design process, which may include developing custom ductwork depending on your needs. We will install, service and maintain your commercial rooftop unit to maximize longevity and efficiency. Our certified professionals ensure that your rooftop is installed properly and is being maintained regularly.

A rooftop unit can be tailored to your commercial needs, whether it be a multi-zone or single-zone cooling, heating or ventilation. They also help improve air quality and purification with high efficiency. Precision HVAC Mechanics’ commercial rooftop units come in various different sizes ranging from small to very large.

Unit Heaters:

Efficient unit heaters are typically used to heat up large warehouses, garages or even industrial buildings. Depending on the size and requirements of the space, our HVAC professionals will provide you with suitable options that are right for you. Unit heaters are effectively able to heat up large areas without the use of a hefty duct system. Unit heaters also provide a low-cost installation.

The different types of Unit Heaters include:

  • Gas Unit Heaters: These are typically used in large spaces that have high ceilings. They can also be highly efficient with low installation costs.
  • Infrared Unit Heaters: These heaters provide the best solution to providing uniform air temperature across large spaces. These are highly effective for warehouses, showrooms and even factories.
  • Electric Unit Heaters: These heaters are available in many different voltages, which are all dependent on the needs of your commercial space.

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